The CSCRO2 rejoiced in a special celebration dubbed as GREEN which stands for "Genuine Recognition for Exemplifying winning Efforts and Notable Deeds" on February 13, 2018 at Las Palmas de San Jose Leisure Club, Tuguegarao City. The GREEN was a celebration of the CSCDOS family for emerging victorious in the 2018 Luzon Friendship Games held on January 15-18, 2018 at Subic Bay Freeport, Zambales.


The highlight of the celebration was the recognition of employees who bagged awards in the said Friendship Games. A token was awarded to them as a symbol of appreciation and recognition for giving their best efforts and exemplifying excellence.

Moreover, as the title of this special celebration suggests, a special award was also given to the CSCDOS' 2018 Sports Coordinators, Mr. Ronald R. Dancel and Ms. Camille P. Soriano for showing exceptional leadership and effective overall management and coordination in the different field of sports during the entire duration of the friendship games.

The CSCDOS' Dinagyang Dancers who bested in the Festival Dance Competition and was declared Champion also showcased their winning performance making the celebration more meaningful and significant.

More than the recognition and awards given, it was the remarkable display of unity and camaraderie of the CSCDOS family that truly stood out. The CSCDOS proved that indeed in union there is strength and victory.