Ninety one (91) government employees who took the Special Career Service Examination on April 15, 2018 conducted in Tuguegarao City rejoices as CSC released the results of the exam this June 1, 2018.


A total of 769 took the said exam intended for government employees who are hopeful to pass the exam for promotion purposes. Of the 522 takers of the CSE-PPT Professional level, 51 or 9.77% passed as 40 out of the 247 takers (16.19%) in the Subprofessional level.


As much as the Commission wanted to accommodate all interested applicants, only those who are currently employed in the government for whatever nature of appointment were considered to the take the special examination. Agencies in the region were informed of the conduct of the said exam to which they were advised that all employees who will take the exam should bring with them a Certificate of Employment, a valid Office ID and a waiver that they are a government employee and has not taken the same exam within three (3) months.//algc