Result of the August 12, 2018 Career Service Exam- Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) released on October 9, 2019 reveals 12.27% passers for both Professional and Sub-professional level in the region.

        Out of the 11,173 total examinees who took the exam in the different testing centers in the region, 1,219 are passers in the Professional level and 152 Sub-Professional level passers. Of the successful passers, Ms. Cristina L. Uy emerged as the Regional Top Notcher with an average rating of 90.08% in the Professional level while Ms. Emily Rose D. Ramos in the Sub-Professional level got the highest rating of 88.41% (list of Regional Top Notchers shown below).

        Passers of said exam can claim their certificate of eligibility at the CSC Regional Office No. 02 located at San Gabriel Village, Tuguegarao City just in-front of the Land Transportation Office and are required to bring with them their original and Xerox copy of their valid government issued ID card and 2pcs 1x1 ID picture with name and signature.

Regional Top 10 CSE-PPT Professional Level

  1. Cristina L. Uy                                90.98
  2. Czendra Faye M. Compares        90.70
  3. Kaye Angel Felice B. Baccay       89.74
  4. Harold T. Carvajal                         89.67
  5. Mary Claire T. Banaag                  89.67
  6. Noreen B. Taynan                         89.64
  7. Kristien B. Addatu                         89.62
  8. Karla C. Orbita                              89.33
  9. Rayjan Dice C. Binayug                88.97
  10. Mario T. Guliman Jr.                      89.96
  11. Jose Noriel A. Fabroa                   88.96
  12. Mark Angelo B. Mallillin                88.96
  13. Hanna Luz C. Maximo                  88.92

Regional Top 10 CSE-PPT Sub-Professional Level

  1. Emily Rose D. Ramos                   88.41
  2. Cavendel Kleign E. Bacani            88.23
  3. Sheena Leigh A. Ferrer                 87.19
  4. Carla Mae L. Yango                       86.32
  5. Glennfrey C. Corpuz                      86.07
  6. Isabella T. Caluya                          85.89
  7. Alexis Sabino P. Dumlao Jr.           85.61
  8. Regie P. Frace                               85.34
  9. Gino Paulo C. Iniego                     85.24
  10. Editha C. Valerio                            85.24
  11. Joan Vincent Paola P. Cultivo        84.91